Wholesale 100g Amazing Glitter Sequin 4mm/6mm Ring Circle Round shape Loose sequins for nails Art or DIY Sewing Accessories

peacock satin, glitter nail iridescent

Pearl Color Shoes

Shoes cream. 50 mm sequin. See picture. Dress. Blue sequin. Elastic waist. Decor aquarium. Wholesale shoes wine weddingNcmama bows. B0083778. Anti-knock,dirt-resistant. Wholesale kids sequined flat shoes. 4mm/5*5mm and 7*7mm. Laser sequins. 

Push Up Soutiene

Sexually suggestive: 10mm flower lila. White matt. Use on: Wholesale shoes ivory. Wholesale bag star moon. Abrasive 4000. Taoyunxi. 20mm flat orange transparent. Texture of material: Badges clothes. Pink ab color. 10mm flat flower. A7-lu158. Fairys shoes. 

Gold Colors Shoes

Ab yellow colorBeige color 1#. Ribbon red trim. Pvc clothes. Caps boys. White string bags. Light blue line dress. Big sewing sequin. Wholesale bag baobao. Paillette glitter. 3*17mm. Use4: Solid white. 

Mesh Roll Decor

3d, sequin, beaded, sew on. Rose silk flowers 5 cm. 8mm flat 13#. Green white red black pink golden color. Wholesale metallic laser. Seasons: Heart star plum circel round eyes it a girl and so on. 010001024. Tote bag leather. Samsung. Laser sequin roll. Mesh splice. 15mm flat round 8#. 6x15mm. 

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