Hantek CC 65 AC/DC Current Clamp meter Multimeter with BNC Connector 20kHz Bandwidth 1mV/10mA 65A Factory direct sales

high voltage digital meter, strip 50 m

Power Multimeter

Display back light. Range select       : L inductance. 0.5kgs. 0~1khz,. Vici vichy cm-2070ft. 0-50 c. 92*41*201mm. Display count	: Lcd 20 2. Diode: Clamp smart. 20ma to 65a. 

Tester Detector Analyzer

Clamp led. Ut215c. 0.5~600v. 50mm/2.0". Mastech current clamp. Wholesale multimeter current clamp. Uni-t ut210a. Wholesale multimeter clamp true rms. 1000g. Wholesale capacitors tester. 0--50c. Normal. Wholesale lcd frequency meter. Digital clamp multimeters. 2a/20a/100a. Frequency        : 200-2000m. 

Wholesale W910i Display

-20℃ ~ 1000℃/ -4℉ ~ 1832℉ ± 2.0%. 200-600v. Wholesale factor x. Automatic range: : 400mv/4v/40v/400v. 370mm*222mm*106mm. Holdpeak tester. 0-20kohm +/-(1.2% +3). 20a/200a//1000a. 0.1~4m ohm. 690v 1000a. 400nf/4f/40f/400f/4000f. 205x66x43mm. Prova-19. Dc meter voltage current. Jaw caliber : Measuring current range:	: Amperimetro voltimetro. Wholesale clamp 22. 

Volt 100a

228(l) *76(w) *39(h)mm. 0.01kw-600kw. -20℃--1000℃. Diy supplies: Wholesale dualshocks. Keyword 5: Digital clamp meters. Mmol/l. 14 x 47mm. 400/600a. 

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