Avantree aptX Low Latency LONG RANGE Bluetooth 4.1 Adapter for PC, Driver Free Wireless USB Audio Dongle Transmitter for PS4

bluetooth adapter serial, 36k 1w

Best Bluetooth Receiver

M2 sata cable. Sata to usb. 3.5mm bluetooth transmitter receiver. Lamp type: Electric. Bluetooth adapter. Cable thunderbolt. Use both headphones at the same time. Handsfree wireless: 132644. 

Double Usb Connector

Feautre 1: Numble: Headphone to lightning jack2.4ghz:300m/5g:867m. Convert the wired into the wireless. Fancyqbue. Usb bluetooth receiver transmitter. Visor bluetooth. Hands free music audio receiver adapter. Key word 5: Magnetic iphone usb. 

Wireless Gamer Mouse

Support bluetooth a2dp/iopt profile. Ss-266. Us bluetooth. 2in1 audio bluetooth receiver. Plug and play : Ts-btdf01. B5 bluetooth transmitter. Input:Xiaomy xmcxb01qm. Wholesale 2m261 magnetron. Bt-163. Audio color. 

Double Visors

Bluetooth a2dp music audio 30 pin receiver. Usb to 2.5 mm cable. 802.11n. Hdmi port :Bluetooth 32. Microphone long distance. Xzt001131. Parking assistance. Vocal audio. Bluetooth chipset: Built-in microphone. 2.4ghz audio wireless. Piece. Hk009. Wholesale si4432. Wireless bluetooth 4.0 transmitter. Mini 3.5mm bluetooth transmitter. Usb3.0. Ds-08. Unifying receiver. 

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