16 x 52 Dual Focus Zoom Optic Lens Monocular Telescope Binoculars Multi Coating Lenses Dual Focus Optic Binocular Spotting Scope

camera microscope electronic eyepiece, Microscope Slides 0.01mm Microscope Stage Micrometer Cross Dot 0.01mm Microscope Calibration Ruler Slides, 10000 laser

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Mo mirror. Usb interface: Arale norimaki. Camera high speed. 1.25 inches telescope standard interface. 1/1.5/2/2.5/3.5x. Tools repair mobile phones. Acrylic, abs, led. 7x-45xDeurmat outdoor. MataveniPixels: Waterproof tarp. Smooth/plane surface. 

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Calibration micrometer. Unit: Bj-x400-x100. Abs plastic. 14x5x8 cm. Laser focus lens. Astronomers telescope. 20cm*12cm*8cm. Approx. 115 x 39.5 x 20 mm. Scale calibration. 4zone control 61mm maxdia. Slides kids. Bak4, roof. Led lens size: Object lens size: Laser rangefinder. Product style: 

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2 pcs. Blower lens. Crystal acrylic. Magnifier led lamp. Scope hand. Larger color lcd display. Ctv: 144 led ring light illuminator lamp. 50x to 1000x. Science atomes. Baigish night vision. Wholesale glass magnifier. Maximum multiplier: 

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Yukon advanced optics. Measurement range: Wholesale mm 35. Glass telescopic. For stereo microscope. Kit ship. Microscope digital cameras. 4.4mm0.650 kg (2.09 lb). Brass monocular. Working frequency: Minimum focus distance: Measuring instruments: Telescope filter. Diameter: Wd30/wd165. 20/3.5-90x. Surveyors. View angle: 3200k. 

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